Once upon a time

We are storytellers in the world of advertisers

May 18, 2021

You think you are alive, only if you have a story to tell. Stories are originality, of the culture and of the personalities that each one of us inherits. Whatever we know and have learned has some way or the other direct its link towards a great storytelling session that either happened with our ancestors or sometimes with our own selves. Through stories only most of us had our moments of strength and weakness, sharing passion, fears, hardships, and joys, and we find common ground with other individuals too so that we can connect and communicate with them.

Stories are universal and how ironic it seems. They are different for each one but in some way or the other conveying meaning and purpose that help us understand ourselves better and find commonality with others in a magical way. Anthropologists inform us that storytelling is important to human existence. It is that common point of existence where it's easy to recognize the culture and ideologies. That it entails a symbiotic exchange among teller and listener - an exchange we learn to negotiate in early childhood.

Just like the million people you meet every day, it was not long back when we met coincidently and started what is still a bling of idea to us and it sparkes the muse of creativity in our souls. We had to give it a name but if going by honest emotions, it gave us a name. A name that could fill our stories with reality and imagination. Mint Chalk Media. People may call it a digital marketing agency and define it within walls of understanding but to us as creators and ideators, it means a daily struggle to hunt our minds with every memory that has made a grove in our hearts because that connection can bring out the most which is presented in what we do and what we serve.

Individually if we dive deep into our lives, which is the larger part of Mint Chalk Media, we would find nothing but stories to tell and these stories aren’t the naturally occurring factor in our life history, but in comparison- we have a range to tell. A range that talks about failures, weird decisions, spontaneity, passion and fears. We all are different when we look back and analyze, our educational specialty is different and so is our take on being creative.

We are five people from entirely different quarters of life but the only thing that binds us together is the urge to give a part of ourselves to this world. We are here to market, not just the idea we associate ourselves with but the emotion that builds us because we are people who believe in the virtue of expression. Our expression is precious to us.

Improving the digital presence of our clients is something that we do every day, each of our moves is towards building that platform even stronger but what truly inspires us is to wake up every day with a thought that each idea matters. Every sparkle that steals your night sleep is worth putting ahead, we are responsible for bringing this idea ahead in the form of Mint Chalk Media but it’s about stories that come from different parts of life, it's that one saga that everyone remembers.

We are storytellers who ask questions, we are the ones who wish to find answers in a mess that our thoughts create. We are a story and we have the guts to tell the world and it's the greatest relief one can find. We found our superpower and it's just the starting. What is yours?

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