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Boomerang of Digitalization

April 9, 2021

Early 80’s and after that, when our country and its people were on the verge of development. The flying colors of independent decisions and vocalizing thoughts by citizens were heard & put to work. Among those many miniature innovations that lead to the growth of industrialization, the initial days of multinational enterprises gifted the rural side of India with solar cooking.

A vinatge video recorder

A box or a solar cooker. Many childhood nostalgias run around those tiny feet which constantly hurried from terrace to kitchen handling those black colour boxes having pulses & rice in it and the aroma is still a lasting memory. All the hardships our mothers use to face in the dimension of the kitchen was somewhere put to relief and not just pulses & rice but remember roasting peanuts and eating with some salt and chat masala.

Summers were sumptuous and solar cooker was the ultimate moto of convenience and efficiency. Not just in the rural areas, this good-silver-friend became popular in the flowery terraces of urban India too.

It’s 2021 now, those tender days are long lost and the original taste of yellow dal and rice can just be felt in the archives of childhood. Our dearest solar cooker being the eldest of all the types of equipment has found its place in the corners just reflecting sunlight through its brother mirror along with its rusted appearance. In fact, our world has undergone a major change along with all of its mighty elements. The shape, taste, sight, smell & styles have swapped themselves with technology & social media. Our food is no more digestible but definitely marking the likes of Instagram & Facebook.

Change is the only constant as they say. Along with this constant, there are so many things that are no longer part of what fantasized us as teenagers especially because we are the ones who witnessed the expansion of distance between playgrounds to video games and from landline-birthday wishes to Instagram or Facebook stories & posts.

Recall your old memories of Instagram, where the obsession with boomerang was far reached. Reminisce the time when gossip was served to us while looking at ‘friend’s activity’ and the filters on Instagram gave us the freedom from the harsh & dark hues of Retrica. Similarly, when Facebook was just used for connections and uploading status and being a site of match-making for teenagers. With the upcoming styles, social media is used nowadays, we are more used to following the trends rather than understanding the value of old features already present.

It’s true that digital media is enhancing every day and the pitch is changing for companies & individual entrepreneurs but to just try our hands over organic marketing for our products, it's essential to understand each feature and not just go by regular everyday trends. Instagram & Facebook are two powerful tools that can be used for e-commerce expansion and they are still on top of their game when it comes to building a successful online home.

Using IGTV, polls, countdown stickers, gift cards and stories highlight is still as valuable as making three to four reels together because Instagram’s buying capabilities basically make the adventure from coming across proposal at the app to buying plenty greater streamlined, that is outstanding for any enterprise seeking to boom sales. While with Facebook, although we ignore it like an old uncle but the truth is that everyone from first-time advertisers to experienced marketers can get results with Facebook ads.

So, do you still think that losing touch with vintage strategies will help? We suggest you think again!

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