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Bossing Blockages

May 13, 2021

There are many weird things following this world one of them could be people adding jaggery to their almond milk chai and another one could be to figure out the most essential but yet the most misunderstood concept of acknowledging creative block. After searching about it and understanding it through fancy series people these days have finally witnessed a sense of creativity block.

There was an article published in the New York Times long back about Digital Wellness and professionals dealing with cellphone addiction as a psychological problem. Just information which has to be surpassed without any Indian judgment on it being an abroad problem and it can’t happen because it’s what everyone around us deals with and thinks it to be a part of generation-Z.

Similar to this, no matter how quirky it sounds, creative blockages do exist and we all face them someday. Not many people know about this but the most frequent occurrence of this phenomenon is definitely in a startup. This creativity block is a slow process and it can be cured only after it eats you up completely and your caliber of dealing with it vanishes, the reason could be anything. Too much work stress or a jungle of untangled ideas yet to be put on paper but, after all, it’s a discovery to your higher-than-the-wall-ceiling self-esteem. It’s a way to feel vulnerable because we don’t accept what we do that often.

People including writers, designers, musicians, artists, performers and entrepreneurs—who're in innovative fields are suffering from creative blocks which could remain for many days, months and in a few instances even years, and it at once impacts your work, overall performance and intellectual health as well.

Working in a creative enterprise is a first-rate experience, however now and again it can be difficult with a view to live enthusiastically and stimulated all of the time. There are numerous motives that could cause creative blocks, which include worry of rejection, anxiety, criticism, loss of monetary assist and self-doubt, amongst numerous others.

But simply due to the fact that something’s natural, that doesn’t make it easy to handle especially when you have a plethora of things to cover as a part of your startup. Many industries have sprung up around liberating creative blocks, however, in spite of all this, the blocks still remain sometimes. In fact, maximum boundaries which exist entirely withinside the thoughts can not be undone with outdoor help alone. We can visit outside assets for understanding or information on a way to unlock our creative potential, however, at the cease of the day, only we are able to assist ourselves.

Entrepreneurs and startups are easy prey to this situation and no matter how hard you try to be focused, creativity block is a sign of excessive hard work that you put in every day to make your services reach a larger audience and it's completely fine to feel this way. There are things to help you let your brain increase its functionality again, the most basic thing one can do is to address this fact with your team. Sit, have a small break and talk about it and be as honest as you can it will seriously help in splurging out everything that creating chaos inside your head. If possible, take a pen & a paper and don’t be afraid to scribble your thoughts with any shape or size you want. Going the old-school child who writes everything will be satisfying.

Be specific when you are looking at your problems, one at a time also take some distance from it and think about something totally different. Talk about fun and laughter which will help you focus on some other things too. All you need is to relax and take a few minutes out of your schedule just focusing on the better things coming ahead and don’t forget to remind yourself daily that every good thing takes its own mighty time.

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