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Creative or consummate market?

April 10, 2021

Perfectionism is a delusion.

Dart Board

This term is an individual who is packed up from head to toe without moving & is stuck to a place that is dull, boring & stagnant. There is so much to lose when you vowed to achieve the perception of perfect.

Do you know about people who specialize in the concept of art therapy? They are known as an art therapist. They are trained with this thought process which beliefs in counseling and art as effective tools to help you move through your life more skillfully and with greater zest. During their journaling classes for various clients, one of the popular session is when they show them some of their personal drawings & paintings which speaks of varied personalities and later even encourage their patrons to follow the most vulnerable thought while they draw.

The drawings can be absolutely abstract because that’s the whole point of it. They can speak of fear, crookedness, inexact pieces, and inaccurate geometry; the ultimate purpose being that these drawings should mark what they feel and what they wanted to convey. Multiple websites publish such works of various art therapists across the globe and give them credits to bring this spirituality & self-acceptance out in the most imperfect form while helping people to cure anxiety & depression. Art therapists can be treated as pioneers who consider humans as vessels allowing creativity to let go through them.

Perfectionism can hold us from taking such risks, save us from challenging the norm, make it not possible to evolve to new conditions and ideas, inspire us to procrastinate, and inhibit our capacity to attain our goals. After all, it’s difficult to complete something of which you’re proud while there’s a nagging voice telling you it’s now no longer excellent enough each step of the way.

Perfect things are dictators, they conquer every aspect of relatability and bring forth an object in its most lifeless form. Every sector of growth requires extreme creativity but marketing still holds the top position. Creativity is the oxygen in marketing – it's miles crucial in all aspects, from how we apprehend and collaborate with those who use our categories, to creating an experience of brand challenges and developing with memorable answers in order to construct our brands, in addition to landing a sale.

Perfectionism is the killer of creativity in all senses and especially when it comes to standing on the platform of resemblant, marketing needs to be done that way which can make your customers believe that even their favorite brands don’t aim towards perfection but rather focus on connecting with their needs & desires. Connections are built on targeting everyday small aspects which your clients use on a daily basis so that they trust your branding & quality.

Hence, marketers yielding for perfection are running in a race with no finish line. Perfection is only demanded in the quality of work that you acquire to do on a required basis for the company or product you are dedicated to because it's important to understand that your creativity might not be proportional to perfection and if it somehow collides, then its just friction. Marketing needs more uniqueness & creativity that generates ideas and thoughts which can be pulled from all directions to make a masterpiece! Our own drawing is abstract yet beautiful.

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