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Marketing seeks valour value of variables

March 16, 2021

Ishq me Sheher hona - Not a quote indeed, but not many know about this soft & sparkling book written by the famous Indian journalist Ravish Kumar. A boy from Bihar falling in love and is followed by the microstories that lead ahead, this book is a heart-throbbing experience one can usher while understanding the power of love, everyday life & capaciousness of a city.

Football Turf, football ground

A city. Just like any other city or space which surrounds us to an experience that is an expression for the rest of our lives. Each of us is capable of understanding, and the ways may differ aptly. It is similar when we move to a different city altogether, it may be for work or just an element of migration. The way that place nurtures us individually can only be a matter of personal experience & belonging sometimes it so happens that despite living for several years in a particular place we have a sense of detachment in every aspect and it may not be alike to every other city we move.

It’s tough to define it but we got a word - Consuming the city. Each of us as prisoners of emotions is bound to live and understand the portions of cities which may be extremely different from what others feel. It may be because we enjoy a specific food style or because we can connect to the vintage nature that the city carries; in a way or the other we are all-consuming a city with distinct senses.

Although it's ironic that the web has captured our senses from all directions, we rather consume the online steaming cup of information. While we talk about consumption patterns, it has changed for us not as humans but as customers.

Have you ever felt that change especially in your everyday online surfing?

Likewise, Digital marketing which is half of what we witness every day is changing gradually with more ideas and more spaces. From the internet site itself to a business's online branding assets - virtual advertising, email advertising, online brochures, and beyond that there is a spectrum of methods that fall below the umbrella of "digital advertising" but it’s rather uncanny to understand that variability is the only constant in this field.

A field that is unpredictable the very next moment can't suit everyone’s taste accordingly. The point being us as consumers understanding this vital portion of variation which is a part & parcel to digital marketing. Each one of us smells different flavours from this cuisine of marketing as per our choices. The fine virtual entrepreneurs have a clear photo of the way every digital advertising marketing campaign helps their overarching dreams.

Each marketer or entrepreneur in their own way understands the need to advertise and it would be extremely different from what’s trendy in the current market status. In short again, digital marketing is variable and not static. It differs and ranges accordingly as per the need and demand of your brand and company. It is essential here to witness the fact that your choice is independent and so is your strategy to digitally market yourself. Let’s get practical, digital marketing holds so much as a package. SEO along is of three types on-page, off-page & technical while on the other hand if we talk about content marketing, the reasons and objectives to be reached can totally be subjective. Some agencies might just need blog posts or infographics while the others with a much larger budget view will also need ebooks & case studies.

The same is the case with social media marketing, where some brands need to cover just the crucial platforms of Facebook and Instagram others might also indulge in active participation on Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It’s not just about the budget, but consuming your targeted audience which isn’t the same. Hence, thinking & acting with vigilance is the key.

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