Think differently

Soch, Sath, Shuru

March 15, 2021

Sometimes we grab a cup of chai and think for eternity. We think about the impossible, the unknown, the wide, the range, or simply the next big venture. Everything seems difficult in the beginning because we are defined by our limited caliber.

Think differently, think out of the box

Our generation is full of doubt, basically, the web makes us binge on self-doubts. You might fall for thought but fear the possibility of it being turned out into an idea and that is torturing, torturing to the process of evolution. Every day and at all the moments you pass by, one goes through this monumental procedure of observing, it may be the simplest of things that brought you joy and the courage to invite that miniature into this ocean of thoughts that you ponder with is something we strive to achieve.

We are no different, just breaking boundaries to catch with the wind of new that smells of creativity mixed with the practicality we live in. Our world is no bigger than yours, with every mundane day we wake up with a volume of gravity to invest with our balance. Thinking we could say that wakes & relaxes you in peaceful coexistence and we wish that we could mark the beginning and end of that summit with you eventually.

The world is expanding and so are we with our never ending innovations. The years ahead have so much to offer and also at the verge of losing so much, then it becomes essential in such a situation to give this bubble of discovery a bit of your innocent vibe. A vibe that always wanted to be attracted towards unknowns and create a space that had nothing but a pinch of salt, sugar, pepper & vinegar in their true forms and turn out to be an ultimate amalgamation.

Remember that one dress you always wanted to wear but couldn’t pair with the matching shoe, that one product you believed in but couldn’t sell. We call for your belongings to be able to decide their space in this ever-growing netizen environment with every piece of equipment you need from Content Writing, Web Development, Graphic Designing to SEO. We are divergent because we trust that this process is elongated and for mending it in a singular proportion we call you to be a part of it while we devise your needs and turn them into our passion.

Ever thought that why we are told to think outside the box, let’s change it we tell you to get rid of this box and shape it your way. Let your minds be out of this retold notion that has been said by some great individuals because what’s coming ahead is you and your journey into progressing with greatness. For us to be a part of it and indulge in that knowledge is a master key to success. So, hamper your thinking and question every idea of yours because comfort brings laziness ahead so why not try to be something that is better than the better version of ourselves. In short, we would tell you to

Hatke Soch!

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