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Importance of visual content in social media marketing

June 3, 2021

A few seconds. That’s all it takes for your brain to form an impression on something. In times where there is something different that is being posted or shared every second, it is extremely important that we take a closer look at how we can use visuals to our advantage. Research has proven that posts with visuals are more likely to get engagement as compared to posts that are text based.

Visuals can do a lot of different things for your company and your brand and in this article, we are going to look at 4 easy ways in which you can make visuals do all the hard work for you.

  1. Visuals help people recollect information
  2. Studies have shown that visuals can help people remember information better. Therefore, focus on visuals when it comes to your social media strategy. Of course, information is important, but the way in which information is presented is also equally important. So, we recommend using visuals to get your message across!

  3. What kind of visuals?
  4. Well, this depends upon your brand, your audience and the platform you are looking at. For example, if you sell breakfast cereals for kids, you can go for something fun and quirky and leave the big words to the adults. Now, the visuals you choose also have to be bright and colourful. However, if you run a company selling insurance, your target audience would be much older. Keeping this and the fact that insurance is an important step in adulthood, you need to create visuals that build trust and convey a sense of security.

  5. Keep it simple
  6. Sometimes, it might seem like a good idea to have a lot of different things happening in your image. But, it is always better to keep things simple, rather than overcomplicate it. Too many colours and elements in the artwork can make it seem cluttered and unprofessional. So, when in doubt, use complementary colours and go for simple designs. Try to be consistent with your colours and fonts in order to show your audience that you have a proper plan in place. Similarly, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook all use different dimensions when it comes to posts and frames. But, by using the same header/banner and profile photos, you can ensure that your.

  7. Same, same, but different
  8. When there are so many different brands and companies out there who are all promoting similar things, you need to stand out. There are a few ways to do this. First, try to create animations or gifs wherever possible. This will help your content stand out due to the narrative movements that gifs offer. Another way to stand out is by playing with text. You can do this especially well on Instagram. You can post one image in parts, across multiple grids and create a unique identity for your page. And then, memes! Definitely memes! Memes are a fun way to promote your brand, while also entertaining your potential customers. Lastly, (I am sure you will be able to think of more creative ways) use carousels well. You can use the swipe feature of Instagram and incorporate it into your design to get people to spend more time with your post and to engage with it.

And that’s it! Remember that these are just a few things and that there are lots of creative ways to create and use visuals! It is an ongoing process and you need to be on your toes to keep track of the latest trends. For example, Instagram reels is a whole new way to get your content across to your audiences in a creative way. Similarly, you also need to keep track of policy changes on social media platforms to ensure that the content that you are putting out is built for maximum engagement. Remember, creative solutions are just around the corner!

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