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Joining The Dots

July 8, 2021

Let’s get nostalgic. Do you remember the times when our schools used to get a bit more on the nerves and would leave us with nothing but imagination? Imagining of all possible ways to kill this boredom and to our rescue we had these amazing fun games which required just a pen and a paper and master degree of facial expressions because talking was a big no-no.

We know that the first name crossed your mind is ‘name-place-animal-thing’ but how many of you remember ‘dots & boxes? Dots & boxes is apparently a rather developed version of xo, but the memories of playing this game is still advent in each of our hearts. That side-eye technique of examining whether your teacher is seeing you or not and just a hand signal for your friend to join along.

Dots and boxes taught us something really important while enjoying the game we forgot to mark its lesson. For those who couldn’t recall it, dots & boxes were all about joining the dots as per your turns and owning a box with your initial. What lies at the end of every day? One idea and the spark to connect that idea with our reality. Each individual is working towards this goal of joining all the dots that are rather scattered in their mind to ultimately present a masterpiece which is their own innovation.

Creativity works this way, and let innovation happens on its own. Let’s whittle this concept down even more and talk about the most vital part of an idea and it has to be about marketing. What lies to its lowest common denominator? What is this marketing business about and what lies at its core? The answer is extremely simple because every marketing endeavour, regardless of which form it takes, is about connecting people and ideas in a form which could yield nothing but success.

All organisations have a certain concept in mind and each marketing agency is working towards extracting that idea to join it with the emotions of their consumers. Any product or service touching the minds & hearts of the consumers is bound to be rewarded and it will only happen when an effort is made towards joining their mundane lives with your idea, it could be just by a simple example of using bobby pins as bookmarks. Interesting?

Mint Chalk Media is one such destination where all your desires are further hyped by our team’s imagination. We wish to be hatke and our everyday goes in decreasing that distance one more inch. We wish to touch your idea with originality and by doing so we mean to bring out elements that you and your audience could connect to may it be by reliving your favourite cartoon character or by recalling your silliest childhood memory, we bring your personality alive on this digital media.

We are towards the beginning of your every line, joining the dots side by side to make sure your initial owns everything you aimed for.

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