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Understanding online Karma-bhumi

March 16, 2021

Mahabharat, an epic of all times. So many stories and lessons are interpreted as per the coming times and the essence of this legend has just made mankind improvise on their wisdom quotient. We think it’s the right time to recall a righteous incidence from this saga.

Right path, right decisions, marketing

Imagine yourself in the palace which is flowers and incense sticks all around with a light adding the charisma & the source is no one but Krishna himself in his true self, relaxing & smiling while he pretends to sleep on that golden brushed sofa. Its utter beauty around every corner, each inch speaks of his greatness & power and suddenly you witness the crowns of devotion & pride - Arjuna & Duryodhana.

The war is approaching the field of Kurukshetra and here they are trying to remove the last nail from the coffin which is asking Krishna for a favour. A favour that can turn the battle upside down, a favour that will rewrite the destiny of Bharatvarsha. But the situation isn’t as easy as it seems to be, Krishna is still sleeping and meditating while the two kings planned to wait till he opens his eyes.

Pride & devotion are the basic substitutes here because they turned the reality of both their lives, their actions showcased what their mind was built with. Arjuna showcased his love & faithfulness by sitting beside Krishna’s feet while Duryodhana chose to sit on a throne near Krishna’s head. When Lord opened his eyes, he could see nothing but his dear Parth with a closed hand standing in front of him which gave him the upper hand in asking for a favour and the rest lies in the lap of history.

Arjun's deed focused on the concept of the right message to the right person, at the right time. While this successful strategy is used in today’s time by content marketers in the field of digital marketing by creating the right value, towards the right audience, at their right time. In other words, it is used for engaging your audience at useful moments and creating a relevant dialogue with them rather than at them.

The right time in digital marketing means knowing when your audience is most receptive. It means identifying those particular moments when you can really capture someone’s attention or change their mind over a project and then meeting them there with the right message and at the right time. Look for marketing signals that tell you about people and if they are at the right moment in life, or when audiences are telling them that they are open to a message which can be done through search terms, browsing behaviour, and constant engagement.

It's all at the moment, how you can profit yourself by being exactly where you are supposed to be. Aiming towards the right person through a combination of internal customer and prospect data, with a seamless channel of right approach along with cutting through the unnecessary clutter which will help you to serve up the most relevant messages.

Towards the end, we emphasize our readers to hustle through consumer behaviour for achieving the right answer which has the power in turning interactions into opportunities further strengthening customer loyalty and boosting revenues. So, is your strategy ready to hail the karma bhumi?

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