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A new fold to the old-gold

March 16, 2021

Belonging from the era where sacraments are as essential as education and our parents found the easiest way to convey their spirituality to us. It was a constant part of every childhood where channels were switched from Pogo to Aastha & Sanskar. Remember the first time you witness Ramayana in the animated version of ‘Ramayana - The Legend of Prince Ram’ but do you know that it was a debatable visual in India released in early 1992 and is originally an amalgamation of three different cinematic schools - Japanese Manga, US Disney and Ravi Varma from India.

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As Indian kids, we are greatly inspired and influenced by the arrival of mythological figures into our lives and those stories are deeply carved in our belief system. Just think around and observe that even our decisions and rationality are based on these stories we read and heard over time by our grandparents and parents.

Do you connect with them?

This connection built between our old stories and modern-day perceptions assembles a specific thought process in one’s mind. We connect and we grow consequently. Similarly, let’s talk about the need of the hour and the most emotive factor associated while building a successful business - Marketing. With the immense growth in this space, we have come out with traditions of marketing divided by old & modern-day techniques. Just like we were known with Valmiki’s Ramayan as the oldest, Indians are equipped with around 300 different versions of Ramayana. Each version for each perception, similar to that in the range of marketing style.

The traditional or old school marketing mix basically worked and included the four essential P’s - product, price, placement, and promotion. This can be measurable and entirely focuses on company-centric tactics which have emphasized and deemphasized individually eventually forming a customized value proposition. Now if we compare it with the modern-day marketing procedure, there are six new school's Cs that have their entire focus on consumers including concepts of contact, connect, conversation, consideration, consumption, and community.

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Another major throwback we could remember of old-style marketing is interruption marketing which is still prevalent and is both expensive and inefficient. Interference Marketing as a synonym implies that you upset the clients by playing promotions in the video on YouTube, and clients need to address the cost by being upset from the ad through interference showcasing. Permission marketing, on the other hand as a new school in technique, is a new school approach that can reduce costs and increase efficiency also it allows the views to intervene in the topic they like to learn about hence, this comes as a friendly behavior.

The people today, in more relatable form, your audience needs even more attention than they used to do before. For creating a blast out there, you need to make sure all the tricks are put in the proper place and it would require a bit of acceptance towards the happening air of marketing. To be there all the time and every time is what is required as a newer approach towards understanding this phenomenon. There is a history of comparison which can be done between outbound & inbound marketing, email marketing, PR strategies as the old & new versions but the point of the convention is what holds the target.

So, the stories you learned which taught you some wise lessons are to be used in a modern-day competitive pinnacle. In a much wider range and with a broader perspective, it’s important for your creativity to draw a line between the marketing skills you learned and the marketing skills you acquired over time.

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